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Flat Roofing

ClassicBond® One Piece EPDM Rubber Roof Covering

ClassicBond® EPDM Is the original EPDM roofing system with a proven track record of over 50 years service life. Recognised as one of the most reliable, durable and sustainable materials for your flat roof. ClassicBond is manufactured by Carlisle-Syntec who pioneered EPDM roofing systems in the 1960’s
BBA Certified & preferred by roofing professionals, ClassicBond is tangibly more pliable, slate grey in colour and is the ideal EPDM rubber roof covering for both large and small flat roofs.

Why Choose ClassicBond®?

The ClassicBond roof system is designed to be cost effective and much faster than traditional roofing systems. For most applications the membrane is cut to the size of your roof and supplied as one single piece, trimmed to size and finished off with the correct drip, kerb edge and wall up-stand trims.
ClassicBond is available in two thickness’s 1.2mm (Standard) and 1.52mm (Commercial)
As EPDM is not affected by extremes of temperature the membrane will not crack, peel or split.

RESITRIX® Self Adhesive Reinforced EPDM Membrane 2.5mm thick

The RESITRIX® Product has a rich heritage dating back to 1856 when the company was known as PHOENIX AG. Waterproofing membranes represented a core activity of the company and in the 1970s it launched, amongst others, the product “Flamtrix” Over the last 40 years the product has been developed to create a highly flexible, reinforced single-ply membrane combining in one-layer all the advantages of EPDM and the easy installation of polymer modified bitumen and detailing with hot-air welding: RESITRIX® was born!

DuoPly Fleece Reinforced EPDM rolls

DuoPly™ EPDM roofing system is ideal for virtually any residential, commercial or industrial flat roofing project and contractor.
DuoPly™ Fleece Reinforced EPDM roofing membrane is a polyester reinforced elastomeric flat roofing membrane. A flexible and elastic rubber membrane that is chemically and thermally stable with exceptional weather resistance.

High Performance EPDM Roofing
From DuoPly

  • DuoPly™ EPDM membrane is comprised of a EPDM laminated to polyester reinforcement layer.
  • Improved tear resistance, 180% greater than comparable non-fleece reinforced flat roof membranes.
  • Provides 40% greater puncture resistance than comparable non-fleece reinforced roofing membranes
  • Allows old flat roof repair without removal
  • Adheres to almost all flat roofing substrates
  • A full range of components and details for a complete watertight, flat roof system.
  • Less roofing material to load onto the roof, finished installation of under 2 kg/m²
  • Fast and reliable installation and no open flames on the roof.
  • External fleece reinforcement creates a very thick 2.54mm sheet
  • 34% fewer seams than Modified Bitumen with DuoPly™ 1.52m wide EPDM Roofing membrane
  • Ideal for repair, renewal or new build

Rapid Curing Seamless Liquid Roofing system

RapidRoof is a cold liquid applied, seamless, resin based waterproofing system that can be brush or roller applied. It is a rapid curing two coat membrane that cures within 20 minutes and can be trafficked within an hour providing, a fully bonded, tough surface with 200% elasticity. With a smooth finish, RapidRoof provides a cured membrane with a similar finish to GRP or EPDM, but with greater flexibility and much faster application. RapidRoof is ideal for domestic projects or small industrial roofing, and is also available with an Anti-Skid finish for designated walkways.

Key Features

  • Specially formulated for roofing applications
  • 10 year product guarantee
  • 200% elasticity
  • Resistant to wind uplift
  • Full training and on-site support available
  • Range of colours, including matching to RAL on request
  • Suitable for all types of foot trafficking
  • Can be applied down to -30oc

GRP fibre glass roofing

What is fibreglass?

Fibreglass, also known as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) is a material manufactured out of a combination of various elements. Primarily, it’s made of a fibre reinforced plastic resin that is intercut with fine fibres of glass for added strength and durability. Fibreglass is used for a variety of purposes including roofing for both domestic and commercial properties; it makes for a great roof surface for garages, sheds, warehouses, conservatories and property extensions.

Benefits of fibreglass roofs

  • First of all, fibreglass is a very tough, robust material that can be laid without any seams, thus preventing any trespassers from finding a way to break into your property.
  • It is also has very little intrinsic value if removed, deterring thieves.
  • The strength of fibreglass makes it extremely durable, with roofs fitted today lasting as long as 20 to 30 years.
  • This is mainly due to its ability to ward off wet and windy weather that easily attacks felt and bitumen roofs, therefore protecting your home from any irritating leaks – making it a weatherproof, dependable option too.
  • Fibreglass can also be easily repaired, extended or replaced if needs be; a simple gel resin applied with a paint gun can offer extra protection for an extensive period of time, while applying acrylic paint to the surface of your fibreglass roof can also help it last longer.
  • As a particularly lightweight material, fibreglass is also very quick and easy to lay, saving you money in prolonged labour costs and with minimum disruption to your home.
  • The strength of fibreglass also allows it to be laid on flat roofs and then tiled over and used as a roof garden or upstairs patio/balcony area.
  • Some contractors might refer you to stronger roofing materials, but fibreglass is less brittle and much cheaper than something like carbon-fibre – so don’t be fooled out by any alternative suggestions before you have thoroughly looked into them.
  • Finally, you might think fibreglass is a dull and lifeless looking material, but that is simply no longer the case; fibreglass now comes in a variety of colours and surface textures for you to choose from, making it a very versatile roofing option.

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